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Our Vision

“It Takes A Village To Raise A Child”.

Our vision at Helping Hands Health Services (HHHS) is to invest in the community by improving the lives of those living with mental illness and provide emotional wellness for individuals and families through our behavioral health services. Our team creates and promotes a supportive plan of care with individualized goals to improve the quality of life for our clients. Services are provided in age-appropriate environments within our communities, enabling us to accommodate the school, employment, and personal schedules of those we serve. 

We believe in going “Above and Beyond” in all our services. We achieve this by:

·    Knowing each client on a personal and data-driven basis, through conversations, meaningful assessments, and highly interactive communication.

·    Promoting a consistent, caring environment of high expectations and accountability, fun incentives, and opportunities for family and community involvement.

·    Being an integral part of our treatment program, in which clients, families, mentors, counselors, partnering organizations, and other staff members will share knowledge and support one another.

·    Using the diverse talents and resources of our team to achieve our mission.

·    Offering a variety of services for all clients. These services include clinical therapy, mental health assessments, life skills, and group therapy.

Helping Hands Health Services believes that all people deserve respect and dignity. We incorporate cultures and traditions into our services and are committed to improving the mental and physical wellbeing of our diverse communities. All services are aimed at the growth of each individual through their own village of professional supports.

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