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Our Programs

Each one of our programs is thoughtfully designed and planned with our patients’ needs in mind. We focus on the development and implementation of a behavior plan aimed at changing negative thinking and promoting self-worth. Find out more by clicking below.

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Other Services

We also provide other services that promote recovery, resilience and wellness to our patients and their families.  Learn more about what we offer below.



Patients are encouraged to talk about any problems they are having with a professional. This is an educational element with a focus on relaxation exercises, coping skills, and stress management.

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Group Therapy

Group therapy involves a group of like or similar individuals going through challenging life situations. Group therapy provides friendship, support, and resources for patients.

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Our team of experts will work with patients to build their confidence interacting with others while developing strong communication skills to help interact with family and friends.

Communicating Through Signs

Independent Living

Personal Independence

Our team helps clients develop the skills necessary to achieve greater independence  to acquire or maintain independent living, while leading healthy and happy lives.

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Independent Living

Financial Management

Personal finance skills are important to maintain healthy finances and build wealth over time. Key areas of focus include income, savings, spending, and investing skills.

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One-to-one, strength-based support treatment. Mentorship works to model, educate, motivate, and coach patients to use and practice overcoming their obstacles.

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Problem Solving

Becoming a US Citizen involves many difficult processes. Our team helps narrow the gap of information needed to successfully navigate American society.

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Our team can help provide career counseling that can assist with choosing a career path, resume writing, interview practice, and how to keep your job.

Job Interview

Independent Living

Time Management

Helps facilitate the process of planning and controlling how much time to spend on specific activities. Good time management helps accomplish more in less time while reducing stress levels.

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